Please join us for a CLE on New Developments in Domestic Violence Treatment on 2/19 from noon to 1:30pm at the Episcopal Diocese of Utah. Lunch and 1.5 hr, pending approval.  To register, click HERE.

For more information, please see below:

This conference brings together experts for a series of panel discussions on new/alternative treatments for domestic violence offenders.

About this Event

Domestic Violence (DV) has a profound effect on individuals, families, and communities throughout the State of Utah. Although jurisdictions vary in the ways they criminalize and prosecute DV crimes, most stakeholders agree that more effective treatment options are needed to reduce recidivism in a meaningful way. This conference brings together three panels to better inform attendees of the current practices in Salt Lake County and then will provide some options for improving on those practices.

First, we will hear from a panel of local practitioners regarding the current methods of addressing DV crimes in Salt Lake County.

Next, we will hear researchers at New York University’s Center on Violence and Recovery and the University of Utah regarding their work with restorative justice-informed treatments for DV offenders.

Finally, we will hear from members of Utah’s Domestic Violence Offender Taskforce (DVOT) regarding a new tool they are developing to improve sentencing practices and treatment outcomes.

The CLE will start promptly at 12:00. Lunch will be provided. 1.5 hours of CLE, pending approval.

Practitioner’s Panel:

John Baxter, Salt Lake City Justice Court Judge;

Josh Graves, Deputy District Attorney and Supervisor of the Family Protection Unit;

Luke Henry, Salt Lake Legal Defender Association.

Restorative Justice Study Panel:

Linda G. Mills, J.D., MSW, Ph.D., Executive Director of New York University’s Center on Violence and Recovery;

Briana Barocas, Ph.D., Director of Research of New York University’s Center on Violence and Recovery;

Rob Butters, Ph.D., LCSW, Former Director of the Utah Criminal Justice Center.

DVOT Panel:

Elizabeth Albertsen, Psy. D., Lead Psychologist, Valley Behavioral Health;

Derrik Tollefson, PhD, LCSW, Professor of Social Work, Utah State University.